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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drip irrigation at kenyan coast

Munavu/managu under drip irrigation at Msabaha farm

munavu under drip irrigation.
  • Today water is a scarce resource hence demands for efficient use. Drip irrigation stands to be among the most efficient system of watering plants it improves the plant vigor by delivering water and nutrients directly to the plant roots and avoiding unnecessary wetting of plant leaves.
  • Decrease water cost by delivering water direct to the roots
  • Decrease labor cost
  •  Decrease fertilizer spraying cost
  •  Decrease pesticide spraying cost
  •  Increase profit from efficient water use
  • Easy to expand the farm due to reduced labor
  • Increase profit due to quality product
  • Easy installation
  •  save time and labor by moving to drip farming and you will never regret                                       

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